Vampyr Walkthrough - Guide - Tips and Tricks

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Our walkthrough to Vampyra is an extensive compendium, but below we decided to write out these pages, which can be particularly helpful at ...

Our walkthrough to Vampyra is an extensive compendium, but below we decided to write out these pages, which can be particularly helpful at the beginning of the game.

Fast and good start in London

You will spend the first moments in Vampyr on a thrilling escape, but you will reach the first hideout a moment later. This is a good time to stop and read some tips useful before further exploration.

Character development - in the chapter titled development of the character we focus primarily on the ways and builds of Jonathan Reid - you will learn how to lead your vampire to deal with the battle without problems, but also know the specific guidelines for promotion and gaining experience points (blood ).

Types of tasks and activities in the game - this chapter is devoted to discussing all the activities in the game. You will spend the most time tracking the main story, which tells you about Jonathan's bloodlust and learning the cause of his transformation into a vampire. You will also spend a lot of time investigating and finding tips that will reveal information about the inhabitants you encounter. You will also spend a lot of time exploring London and collecting collectibles that will tell you more about the game world.

Hideout - safehouse - is a place where Jonathan Reid can not only hide from danger, but also replenish ammo supplies, collect some loot, push the plot forward, but also - and most importantly - get to the next level of experience and unlock new active and passive skills. Sleeping in bed automatically brings up a character's promotion window, but also - which is more important - the passage of time! If you go to sleep, one day passes in the game!

Prologue - these are the first moments of the game, and our description of the transition, of course, deals with this topic. The task is simple - to escape from vampire hunters for a moment after an important cutscene. The only problem that can make you difficult is the path to the goal that has not been marked in any way.

Eternal desire - this is the next main task in the game, and in fact the first real quest. You must reach the first hideout, breaking through the streets of London guarded by vampire hunters. Remember: our description of the transition indicates all the critical moments that may cause you difficulty.

Crafting - in other words, craft in Vampyr. Like many games, your vampire can also crafting. This one is also quite useful, because upgrading weapons (including pistols) not only increases damage, but also reduces the use of endurance or, for example, impose a life steal effect, that is, theft or sucking life during an impact. Crafting is also a way to create drugs for fatigue, pneumonia and many other diseases that are affected by independent heroes in individual districts of London.

How to defeat the first boss - William Bishop - in the prologue of the game, you will come across the first serious enemy - William Bishop. The enemy is a scale, a lower version of a vampire, though he is a dangerous enemy anyway. In this chapter you will learn how to deal with the enemy, read the tactics and watch the movie in which William Bishop is defeated.

Further gameplay - getting to the hospital

At the stage where you reach the Pembroke hospital, the actual game begins, and London is open to you. You will get access not only to the new, larger hideout, but also to learn about a dozen new independent characters. Talk to everyone, get to know their characters and problems. Some will give you new tasks (so-called investigations) that you can conduct for experience points.

Is it worth biting Clay Cox? - Clay Cox is one of the first NPC characters you will encounter on your way. This little criminal is known for its dubious opinion and alcoholism, but it is also here that the game gives you the first opportunity to choose - kill Clay Cox, or, on the contrary, give him life? Remember: You do not have to kill in Vampyr.
What to do with Dorothy Crane? - Dorothy Crane is one of the most important characters in the game in the Pembroke Hospital quarter. This is also the first serious choice in the game - whether to decide to kill Dorothy or save her life? This walkthrough will present the consequences of both choices.
Night shift - another mission in Vampyr from Chapter 2 White apron. Jonathan Reid wakes up after a rest at the Pembroke hospital. The task is not at all the easiest, because on your way you will meet many enemies with a higher level of experience, including the boss, Jon Doe at level 7 experience, who can disappear. You go to the old morgue to find iron tartrate, quinine and sodium hypochlorite. During the quest you will also unlock the "This painful fall" investigation.
A rat in the hospital - the next main task will help you get to know a recent stranger, Lady Ashbury. Our walkthrough will help you discover who is standing

Basic advice Before starting the game in Vampyr, we recommend that you read the start tips. They will help to enter the brutal and ill worl...

Basic advice
Before starting the game in Vampyr, we recommend that you read the start tips. They will help to enter the brutal and ill world of the game; here you will learn the basic mechanics that rule London and help hunt your victims. You will find out above all, is it worth to kill an NPC and suck blood from a character or, on the contrary, it is better to play a holy vampire who does not defile himself with human blood. Tips will be useful at the very beginning of the journey.

Tips to start

Decide at the beginning how you want to finish the game. Pretty soon, the game will suggest you suck blood from Clay Cox. If you do this, the resident will die and you will gain a lot of experience. However, if you plan to finish the game without killing, then refuse and in the future also stop the attacks.
It is worth arming yourself with a strong one-handed weapon and develop endurance. One-handed weapon is fast, allows you to be mobile in combat and deals decent damage. When you arrive at the Pembroke Hospital, at the top of the facility, in one of the rooms you will find a surgical ball. It's a decent weapon - to use it effectively, develop Jonathan's endurance.

After death, your character will be reborn. Jonathan is an immortal vampire and you will come back to life after death. The game usually retracts you a bit before the fight, but saves the acquired items and experience.

Blood points after hit. As you upgrade your weapon, pay attention to the improvements that allow you to get blood points after being hit. Strive for these improvements as quickly as possible, and you'll be able to use vampire skills in battle all the time.

Collect everything. Walking on the streets, when you can collect items from chests, cabinets and even trash cans in a neighborhood. Let this habit get you into the blood - items of this type can be used for crafting. In addition, the chests and other storage are renewable and if you return to the location after some time, you will be able to obtain materials again.

Enemies are reborn. In Vampyr, the enemies are reborn and if you clear a place, enemies will appear again soon. You get little experience for the fight, items that leave the defeated opponents are much more valuable.

Develop autophagy. This is one of the better skills in the game - Jonathan bites himself and by sucking blood heals himself. The development of abilities will allow you to regain strength in combat, which helps in the game.

Resting in bed causes the passage of time. If you go to bed and retire, then you can use your experience points. On the other hand, the decisions from that night will be transferred to the next one - the health level of a given district will change, some characters will disappear, etc.

Evasion is the key in the fight. Enemies often have very strong attacks and you absolutely have to avoid blows. Keep track of your endurance bar - when you do attacks, always leave some strength to jump away from the enemy, etc. If you consume everything for the offensive, then you will be exposed to a counterattack.

Directions for residents. Once you reach the Pembroke Hospital, you will have the opportunity to talk to the locals and get clues about their history. This is very important because a character with all the puzzles revealed will give much more experience in sucking blood. When you talk to residents about the dialogues you've discovered, be vigilant - sometimes dialogue paths block getting new clues.

Find and solve investigations. During talks with npc, you will often learn about their worries. Someone has lost a wallet, and other times it is necessary to check who follows the character - this type of tasks in the game was defined as an investigation. These are side quests that often give a decent prize, some experience and unlock further clues about the inhabitants. It is worth trying to do them on a regular basis - although some may be at a later stage of the game.

Initially, follow the main thread. Probably you are tempted to walk around the city and exploration - but soon you will come across quite strong enemies. It's best to initially follow the main thread - when you get to Whitechapel, you'll be able to afford more freedom.
Do not suck blood from the inhabitants unless you have unlocked the clues for them. If you will suck blood from the inhabitants without knowing their history, you will gain little experience points. It's much better to help them, make them healthy and ... then sink into their throat.

This guide to Vampyr will prepare you for the darkest and bloodiest nights on the streets of London. Our guide is a powerful compendium of k...

This guide to Vampyr will prepare you for the darkest and bloodiest nights on the streets of London. Our guide is a powerful compendium of knowledge in which every dark, thirsty creature will find answers to questions and tips to help you start the game. The guide deals with the most important issues, such NPC tips, or independent character tips that increase the level of blood experience, but also character development, the best skills and good weapons to get you started. The whole is crowned with an extensive walkthrough along with side tasks.

The guide opens the tips for start and basics in which we have collected all the necessary tips to start the game. You will learn from this section of the guide, among others about the differences resulting from the killing of the inhabitants and the rejection of the vampiric call - whether it is profitable to kill the inhabitants of Vampyr or, on the contrary, it is better to save them and help them. Also here you will find chapters devoted to character development, crafting (the craft plays an important role in the game), as well as a specific division into main, side and activity tasks. You will also learn about the mechanics of hiding in dark London.

Of course, the guide could not miss the extensive FAQ section, in which we answer any bothering young vampires questions. It is in him that we answer, among others on whether you can finish the game without killing, or on the PC you can sneak, when it is worth sucking blood and how to open closed chests, safes and cabinets? We also advise which weapon is the best and what skills will be useful in combat.

The core of our guide is a cavernous description of the districts in Vampyr. We have described each of the districts in the game thoroughly, along with the indication of the location and the presence of independent characters. We also indicated every clue needed to unlock the blood levels of the NPC. Each site dedicated to the Doki districts, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel and West End has been thoroughly described, and we have also identified key locations, tasks and secrets.

The annex is a department with no less important information - if you have problems with controlling in Vampyr, and above all the game cuts and loses frames, check the Departments of Control and PC Requirements. This is where we also included a chapter dedicated to the Trofeom and Steam achievements in Vampyr.

Jonathan Reid is a surgeon who after a long absence returns from the war to London. During the journey, he is stung by a mysterious vampire. After waking up, he discovers that he himself became a nocturnal bloodsucker, a cursed creature and the terror of the night - a vampire. From that moment, the action of the game begins - Jonathan Reid tries to understand exactly what happened, who transformed him and who is behind the Spanish flu epidemic.