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This guide to Vampyr will prepare you for the darkest and bloodiest nights on the streets of London. Our guide is a powerful compendium of k...

Vampyr Game Walkthrough and Guide

This guide to Vampyr will prepare you for the darkest and bloodiest nights on the streets of London. Our guide is a powerful compendium of knowledge in which every dark, thirsty creature will find answers to questions and tips to help you start the game. The guide deals with the most important issues, such NPC tips, or independent character tips that increase the level of blood experience, but also character development, the best skills and good weapons to get you started. The whole is crowned with an extensive walkthrough along with side tasks.

The guide opens the tips for start and basics in which we have collected all the necessary tips to start the game. You will learn from this section of the guide, among others about the differences resulting from the killing of the inhabitants and the rejection of the vampiric call - whether it is profitable to kill the inhabitants of Vampyr or, on the contrary, it is better to save them and help them. Also here you will find chapters devoted to character development, crafting (the craft plays an important role in the game), as well as a specific division into main, side and activity tasks. You will also learn about the mechanics of hiding in dark London.

Of course, the guide could not miss the extensive FAQ section, in which we answer any bothering young vampires questions. It is in him that we answer, among others on whether you can finish the game without killing, or on the PC you can sneak, when it is worth sucking blood and how to open closed chests, safes and cabinets? We also advise which weapon is the best and what skills will be useful in combat.

The core of our guide is a cavernous description of the districts in Vampyr. We have described each of the districts in the game thoroughly, along with the indication of the location and the presence of independent characters. We also indicated every clue needed to unlock the blood levels of the NPC. Each site dedicated to the Doki districts, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel and West End has been thoroughly described, and we have also identified key locations, tasks and secrets.

The annex is a department with no less important information - if you have problems with controlling in Vampyr, and above all the game cuts and loses frames, check the Departments of Control and PC Requirements. This is where we also included a chapter dedicated to the Trofeom and Steam achievements in Vampyr.

Jonathan Reid is a surgeon who after a long absence returns from the war to London. During the journey, he is stung by a mysterious vampire. After waking up, he discovers that he himself became a nocturnal bloodsucker, a cursed creature and the terror of the night - a vampire. From that moment, the action of the game begins - Jonathan Reid tries to understand exactly what happened, who transformed him and who is behind the Spanish flu epidemic.

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